Australian Made

Zone RV offers the ultimate luxury in off-road caravans that are both strong and lightweight. Our Australian-made caravans are optimized for safety and weight, incorporating technology from aeronautical and marine industries to ensure they can navigate even the toughest terrains. We manufacture the bodies and cabinetry systems entirely from composite materials, helping you stay within the Gross Combined Mass (GCM) of your tow vehicle. With CruiseMaster suspension systems, you can enjoy a smooth ride on even the roughest Australian corrugations.

We understand the importance of reliability, especially when traveling in remote locations. That’s why we carefully select each component of your off-road caravan to perform exceptionally and be easy to repair or replace by our service partners. Our off-road caravans come with lithium batteries and solar panels, allowing you to stay off-grid for extended periods of time. Build a Zone RV for a premium off-road caravan experience.